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Metstar Slate Plus Smooth Mixed Black (2).jpg

At ReRoofer we install only the best quality Metal Roofs. ReRoofer uses Metal Roofing for Homes, not barns.

Metstar Slate Plus Smooth in Mixed Black

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Metstar Slate Plus Smooth in Mixed Black

Our Metal Roofs represent classic roofs such as Slate, Tile, Wood Shakes. The classics never go out of style! We offer both stone-coated and painted metal roofing options. All our Metal Roofing products are energy-efficient with the ability to reduce energy costs.

ReRoofer offers Concealed Fastener direct to deck application and typically installed over the existing asphalt shingles making the installation process, less expensive, eco-friendly, and clean.

Our Steel Roofing Systems are backed by a LIFETIME, 50-year transferable manufacturer warranty, and a 15-year workmanship warranty.

Thats a 20% longer warranty coverage than most other Metal Roofs.

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Our installers are Manufacturer Trained, and Certified. The have worked with us for many years. They know our material, understand how metal roofs are installed and are committed to ensuring the job is always done right. All our Metal Roofs are secured with screws, not nails, this provides a very secure and long-lasting metal roof installation.


Just think how much money you can save by not having to replace a roof every 15-20years!

Metstar Slate Plus Smooth in Mixed Black

Our Metal Roofs offer

Our Metal Roofs are extremely durable with a 75-100year life expectancy Withstanding up to 120mph winds, protecting you from what ever Mother Nature can dish out

We offer many different profiles of Metal Roofing, something to suit everyone’s style.

Our Roofs will increase the curb appeal! Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly and will last a lifetime, saving you thousands over time.

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Metstar Slate in Teak


Metstar Slate Plus Smooth in Mixed Black

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