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Re-Roofer Networking Community


Are you interested in becoming a leading pioneer in the Re-Roofer mission of getting a metal roof, at any price, on every home in your area?

 Are you one of the estimated 385,000 residential Roofers in North America?

Are you fed up with the bad reputation shinglers and shingles are getting lately?

Become a Certified Re-Roofer and be able to offer metal at any price and any installation method you think is best for you and each one of your individual customers.

Metal roofing can be tricky, don’t do it alone, become part of the Re-Roofer Renaissance.

Re-Roofer Installer


Re-Roofer Contractor


Re-Roofer Sub


Re-Roofer Dealer



Residential Re-Roofers sponsored by a team of industry leaders and re-roofing experts. Live when you need them, virtual when you don’t.

Sponsored by founder Vince Guerra and the BAT Group of corporate and expert sponsors to help promote sustainable roofing in North America.

Sponsored Re-Roofer Resources On Location

Metal Roof Centre, Roof Museum, Roofer University, In-Stock Distribution Centre, Metal Training Centre, Metal Fabrication Shop, Metal Coating Shop, Metal Manufacturing Lines.

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