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Here's a collection of websites with more information about Metal Roofing than you could ever want.

History of Roofing.jpg

A website all about the history of roofing all over the world.

The Roof Museum.jpg

Roof Museum

Really interested in roofing? See all kinds of roofing artifacts.

Stone Coated Metal.jpg

Stone Coated Metal

Taking the roofing industry by storm, stone coated metal is

images (1).jpg

High Albedo

Highly reflective roofing does more to your house than you might know.

Ask Victor Ward.jpg

Ask Victor Ward

Remember Ask Jeeves? Well Victor may not know everything, but he knows everything about roofing.


Metal Roof At

... the price of an asphalt shingle. A book dedicated to showing people how to get metal at the price of an asphalt shingle re-roof.

mar5 001 (2).JPG

Zero Flashing

Fancy metal roof without the fancy flashings?

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