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Re-Roofer Installer Certification Program

The Re-Roofer Installer Certification Program is a way of Training, Certifying and Qualifying Residential Metal Roofers in North America. This initiative was started by key players in the industry to better serve this wave of increasing demand for residential metal roofing. At Re-Roofer we know and understand why metal is fast becoming the new normal roofing in North America, we just want to share that information with Re-Roofers like you.


Our mission is to make as many Qualified and Certified Metal Roofers available to every homeowner or contractor who wants one. To help homeowners and contractors find a metal roofer that specializes in the best system that is best suited for their specific roofing wants and needs.

We train, organize, rate and follow-up on all Re-Roofer Installers for as long as you are part of the program. If we say a Certified Re-Roofer is rated a certain rating, we stand by the job done and use our influence to make sure what is right, is done, for the homeowner, the roofer and all related contractors, manufacturers and distributors.

We keep track of the training the Re-Roofer has completed through the Re-Roofer Dealer in each Re-Roofer County. A roofer with many roofs completed with few homeowner or contractor concern calls and zero unresolved concerns would get a very high rating. Even if a well rated roofer goes a little bad on you, we use all our influence to help that roofer do better.

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Learn everything you need to know about metal roofing, from people who have been in the industry for decades.

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After training, you can get certified and be a Certified Re-Roofer, and join our community.

Our community includes Installers, Subs, Contractors and Dealers, all working together towards our common goals.

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Buy products in easy to ship bundles, making estimating and installing easy.

On top of training people to work with metal, we have plenty of resources to leave about the past, present and future of metal roofing.

There are Four Residential Metal Roofing Systems in North America.

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1- Introduction

About the Re-Roofer Program

Brief description of the metal roofing industry, and the Re-Roofer program.

Re-Naissance Roofers: Who Are They?

Proud to be roofers, and looking for ways to specialize in their craft.

How to Build Success with Re-Roofer

How to use the network to further your career.

There are Four Residential Metal Roofing Systems in North America.


2 - About Metal

History of Roofing

Everything from stone to clay, to asphalt, to metal.

Styles of Metal Roofing

Long Run, Panelized Shake, Tiles and Slates

Present and Future of Metal

A metal roof will be protecting every home by 2032

Players in the Industry

Vicwest, Westman Steel, Ideal, Agway, Decra, Boral, Metstar, Edco

There are Four Residential Metal Roofing Systems in North America.

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3 - Products

Different Types of Metal Roofing

Compare different types of panels, long run options, etc.


Ridge caps, valley caps, metal flashings etc.

Comparing Different Types of Roofing

Pros and cons between each style, and how their installation and price differ.


Cutter, benders, etc.

There are Four Residential Metal Roofing Systems in North America.

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4 - Installation

System 1 - Batten / Strapping

Commercial, Agricultural

System 2 - Built-In Batten/Direct to Deck

Residential New and Re-Roof.

System 3- Direct to Deck/Hidden Fastener

Residential New and Re-Roof.

System 4- Hidden Fastener/Zero Flash

Residential Re-Roof over top of Shingles. At the Price of an Asphalt Re-Roof. Even the cheapest metal system is better than the most expensive asphalt shingle.

You will be trained and certified in all four systems.

You can choose to specialize in whatever System makes the most sense to you. but you will be familiar with all systems.

There are Four Residential Metal Roofing Systems in North America.

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5 - Quoting and Pricing

How to Measure a Roof

How to do a Takeoff

To be a Certified Re-Roofer you must finish the program with a passing rating from your sponsored Dealer.

The Re-Roofer Dealer manages your rating and shares it within the network in the Re-Roofer Community.

The program, training and educational materials along with marketing materials and sometimes tools, are all paid by sponsors. They are all free of charge for all Re-Roofers.


Are you one of the estimated 385,000 residential Roofers in North America?

Are you fed up with the bad reputation shinglers and shingles are getting lately?

Are you interested in becoming a leading pioneer in the Re-Roofer mission of getting a metal roof, at any price, on every home in your area?


Become a Certified Re-Roofer and be able to offer metal at any price and any installation method you think is best for you and each one of your individual customers.


Metal roofing can be tricky, don’t do it alone, become part of the Re-Roofer Renaissance.

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