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If you’re a typical homeowner in North America, your roof needs replacing every 10-15 years. This concept of disposable roofing hurts our planet and even worse, hurts your pocket book. Every ten years or so you are paying dearly for disposing a roof system that, few people know this, can be recycled 100% right on your roof. Why do the old rip off and repeat when there is a way that you can keep the waterproofing, insulating and great underlayment qualities of your existing roof, for free. It’s already there, why make a violent mess to just throw it out?


At we are the only company in the world that focuses on re-roofing in North America. By focusing only on re-roofing we have been able to develop products and systems inspired by finding lifetime solutions at prices that make sense.

Instead of following the guy next door, use to educate yourself on how to think outside the box and deal with local companies that bring you global solutions.

At we hope you will realize that your old roof can be used as a great base to an economical lifetime metal re-roof system. You will save lots of money, improve the look and value of your home and possibly never have to worry about your roof for as long as you live.

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