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Metal at the Price of Asphalt

If you’re a typical homeowner in North America, your roof needs replacing every 10-15 years. This concept of disposable roofing hurts our planet and even worse, hurts your pocket book. Every ten years or so you are paying dearly for disposing a roof system that, few people know this, can be recycled 100% right on your roof. Why do the old rip off and repeat when there is a way that you can keep the waterproofing, insulating and great underlayment qualities of your existing roof, for free. It’s already there, why make a violent mess to just throw it out?

How to become and remain a successful certified Re-Roofer

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Our program offers training and certification for the 4 Basic Residential Metal Roofing Installation Systems.

System I - Batten

System II - Built-in-Batten

System III - Direct-to-Deck

System IV - Hidden Fastener / Zero Flash

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The Re-Roofer is the spark in this Renaissance. Re-Roofers will flip the distribution channel pyramid on it's head. We're a community of manufacturers, distributers, and roofers, all working together to get a metal roof on every roof in North America.

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The benefits of being a metal roofer are endless, and we will show you how to become and remain a successful Re-Roofer.

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Learn everything you need to know about metal roofing, from people who have been in the industry for decades.

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After training, you can get certified and be a Certified Re-Roofer, and join our community.

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Our community includes Installers, Subs, Contractors and Dealers, all working together towards our common goals.

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Buy products in easy to ship bundles, making estimating and installing easy.

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On top of training people to work with metal, we have plenty of resources to leave about the past, present and future of metal roofing.

What We Offer

Why should you consider becoming a Re-Roofer?

As a member of the Re-Roofer program, you can expect help with organizing everything you need as a roofer to excel in the fast growing residential metal roof market in North America. As a Re-Roofer, you get all the support you want to be a leader in an industry that is booming and desperate for some creative, qualified roofers to prosper exponentially. All information on products, systems, manufacturers, new innovations, etc… is organized, updated and followed up on, all compliments of the BAT Groups Corportate Sponsors. We can help anyone looking for any information to help promote residential metal roofing in North America.

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History of Re-Roofing

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