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History of Re-Roofer

Renaissance means re-birth, born again, re-born.

The Renaissance is also an era when historians say we came out of the dark ages and into the age of enlightenment. It was the Renaissance that brought science and progress back from the ancients and into the modern world as we know it today.


The renaissance was ignited by the genius of a roofer, but no one refers to him as a roofer because no such trade existed at the time. It was Brunelleschi (a roofer, engineer, craftsman, jeweler, architect, inventor…) that finally designed, campaigned, engineered and built the worlds largest dome at the time, that was unable to be finished for over a century. Historians agree that’s what started the Renaissance. It ignited human innovation, progress and enlightenment that thrust the city state of Florence and the rest of the Western world into to Age of Enlightenment, the Age of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Rembrandt, etc… All that because of a renaissance roofer that was able to figure out an impossible problem.


The trade known as a Roofer is a rather modern job title. In the past, right up until the later industrial revolution, the roof was just part of what was expected from the Builder or Carpenter or Mason. Being a roofer as we know it today is a result of the age of specialization. It’s part of the industrial big corporate revolution. Train people and create trades that are very specialized. Like the assembly line mentality which was great at the time but not great on peoples’ creativity or self esteem. There is no real pride in their work, it’s menial. Nobody takes pride like someone who built the car in a small team or by themselves. Instead they resent the company they work for and sometimes even hate the car. Same thing in roofing. Now you have a specialized trade identified as Roofers yet most roofers are only good at one system or product. An asphalt shingler usually only does asphalt shingles and won’t even get on a flat roof. A commercial metal roofer may not have a clue how to install a residential metal roof. Then if you get into more specialized Clay Tile Roofers or Wood Shake Roofers or Slate Roofers, forget about it.


A Renaissance Roofer is a special kind of roofer. He is not your run of the mill, life on the fringe, don’t give a damn, dirty, asphalt shingler. I’m sorry but that’s what we’ve all been conditioned to assume when visualizing a typical roofer. A Renaissance Roofer, first of all HE can be a SHE, is always proud of their career choice and the roofs they install. A Renaissance Roofer should be comfortable with all roofing options available in the local area business. At least in your chosen market. For example, a Renaissance Roofer can be specialized doing only Residential Roofing but should have experience with all the many ways of roofing and re-roofing a residential home. Whether it be asphalt shingles, metal panels, clay/concrete, wood or slate, a Renaissance Roofer knows it all.


The Renaissance Roofer is North American of course, because that’s where the Roofing Renaissance has begun and that’s where the ground is the most fertile for a big change. The change has begun, with your friendly local Renaissance Roofer leading the wave and it’s happening right here in North America, right now.


In the old days, pre-roofing renaissance, the big corporations really decide what gets made, how it’s sold and essentially how roofing gets installed. Any roofer that strays away from the manufacturer’s specific instructions puts himself at risk of voiding the warranty. In reality, your local roofer should be at the top of the roofing food chain, not the other way around. The Renaissance Roofer knows what’s best for their customer and their local area, therefore the Renaissance Roofer only works with manufacturers, distributors and vendors that are willing to listen and do as the roofer says, NOT the other way around.

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Our program offers training and certification for the 4 Basic Residential Metal Roofing Installation Systems.

System I - Batten

System II - Built-in-Batten

System III - Direct-to-Deck

System IV - Hidden Fastener / Zero Flash

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The Re-Roofer is the spark in this Renaissance. Re-Roofers will flip the distribution channel pyramid on it's head. We're a community of manufacturers, distributers, and roofers, all working together to get a metal roof on every roof in North America.

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The benefits of being a metal roofer are endless, and we will show you how to become and remain a successful Re-Roofer.

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Learn everything you need to know about metal roofing, from people who have been in the industry for decades.

After training, you can get certified and be a Certified Re-Roofer, and join our community.


Our community includes Installers, Subs, Contractors and Dealers, all working together towards our common goals.


Buy products in easy to ship bundles, making estimating and installing easy.


On top of training people to work with metal, we have plenty of resources to leave about the past, present and future of metal roofing.

What We Offer

Why should you consider becoming a Re-Roofer?

As a member of the Re-Roofer program, you can expect help with organizing everything you need as a roofer to excel in the fast growing residential metal roof market in North America. As a Re-Roofer, you get all the support you want to be a leader in an industry that is booming and desperate for some creative, qualified roofers to prosper exponentially. All information on products, systems, manufacturers, new innovations, etc… is organized, updated and followed up on, all compliments of the BAT Groups Corportate Sponsors. We can help anyone looking for any information to help promote residential metal roofing in North America.

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Are You a Re-Roofer?

Most residential roofers out there in North America, are not satisfied in their trade. That’s because 90% of them do mostly asphalt shingles and 80% of their jobs are rip offs and re-roofs. Their work lasts only 10-15 years and there are plenty shinglers competing for each job. In a recent poll on “The Most Respected Construction Trades People”, homeowners and contractors across North America put the perception of a “roofer” in last from a list of 22. It seems the reputation of a roofer being a “dirty asphalt shingler” is well entrenched in people’s psyche everywhere in North America. 

The Re-Roofer program was set-up by  industry insiders looking to change all of that. In 2021, North American homeowners are finally understanding the benefits of metal roofing and are increasingly requesting metal more ever. With this increasing demand and  endless possibilities of how metal can be used in a Re-Roof situation, it is obvious that now is the time to hit the reset button.

This is why we call it the Re-Roofer Program. The Re-Roofer program is our ‘Re-Set’ button. We believe that we are at a time for great improvement on how we do a lot of things in North America. This is a re-birth, a true re-naissance. Join the Roofing Renaissance and become a Re-Roofer.

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Battens hip_0.jpg

Who? Roofers.

What? Stop the rip off culture.

Where? North America

When? Now till about 2032.

Why? To be different and prosper.


Why become a Re-Roofer?

Part of the Re-Roofer program is that we help organize everything a roofer needs to excel in the growing residential metal roof market in North America. As a Re-Roofer you get all the support you want to be a leader in an industry that is booming and is desperate for some creative qualified roofers to prosper exponentially. All information on products, systems, manufacturers, new innovations, etc… is organized, updated and followed up on, all compliments of BAT’s Group of Corporate Sponsors to help anyone looking for any information to help promote residential metal roofing in North America.

The Future is Now

Our goal is simple: A metal roof protecting every home in North America by 2031, because it just makes sense. 

Homeowners and manufacturers are ready for change, but most roofers are not. We need more Re-Roofers! Join us and become a pioneer in the Re-Roofer Program. Start by getting certified!

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History of Re-Roofing

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How to become and remain a successful certified Re-Roofer

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