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Gothic 2 New Balancing Mod

I think you should try to play Necrons and against them a bit more. In my own experience they are a VERY dangerous foe, despite being outnumbered. While there might be minor balancing to come as I do between every new iteration of the mod, I'v never claimed to have a perfect balance of game. Thats why players have a greater possibility to change stuff as they see fit themselves thanks to my included Greater Customization Submod. If you play as a faction and think its to hard, or easy - you can change settings to a greater extent to affect this.

Gothic 2 New Balancing Mod

During these changes, all races lost their native skill sphere, a decision which to many was a controversial one. Racial spell spheres were removed for a multitude of different reasons. Firstly, they had an adverse impact on balancing. When for example, Warrior classes gained access to Healing magic, there was less reason to play as a Paladin. Likewise, many wizards abused different spell sphere combinations and classes could become full wizards without any adherence for their actual design. This leads onto the second reason, which was that they were creating hero creation bias, where players would be drawn to pick very specific combos with certain races or classes, due in part also to the synergy bonus. All in all, racial spell spheres proved to be very unhealthy for the game and so were removed.

Consisting of an enormous list of changes, the balancing in The Protectors is what gives it its unique style of gameplay. Almost every unit and building has had multiple changes since Warlords Battlecry 3, and may yet receive more. The environment in The Protectors is completely different to Warlords Battlecry 3. Whereas the original game disregarded balancing entirely, The Protectors attempts to balance everything from units and buildings to heroes. In this, it has both succeeded and failed in certain ways, though the ways in which it fails is not usually in its failure to balance - though it should be noted that some hero combinations stand out somewhat from the rest. Aside from heroes, the game has reached a very balanced state; no unit, building or research is useless or overpowered. 350c69d7ab


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