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ValhallaDSP ValhallaShimmer VST RTAS V1.02 X86 X64 CRACKED

Valhalla Shimmer: A Pitch-Shifting Reverb Plugin for Big Sounds

Valhalla Shimmer is a reverb plugin that can create ethereal and dreamy soundscapes by pitch-shifting the feedback signal of the reverberator. It is designed by Valhalla DSP, a company that specializes in high-quality and affordable reverb plugins for various platforms and formats. Valhalla Shimmer is available for Windows and Mac OS X, and supports VST, AU, and RTAS formats. The latest version of Valhalla Shimmer is v1.0.2, which was released in 2011 and added Windows RTAS, Windows 64-bit VST, and Mac OS X 64-bit AU versions.

Valhalla Shimmer has four reverb modes that allow the user to dial in different sizes of reverb decays, ranging from smaller rooms to vast ambiances. The reverb modes are Mono, Small Stereo, Medium Stereo, and Big Stereo. The user can also adjust the feedback, diffusion, and size controls to fine-tune the attack, sustain, and decay of the reverb signal. The modulation controls can be used to add subtle or dramatic variations to the reverb sound, such as mode thickening, string ensemble-like decays, or random modulation effects. The tone controls and the color mode selector can change the timbre of the reverb from bright and glistening to dark and natural.


Valhalla Shimmer has five pitch shift modes that alter the pitch of the feedback signal of the reverberator. The pitch shift modes are Single, Dual, SingleReverse, DualReverse, and Bypass. The Single mode shifts the feedback up or down by the shift value, which can be set in semitones or cents. The Dual mode shifts the feedback both up and down by the shift value in parallel. The SingleReverse and DualReverse modes reverse each grain of the feedback signal before pitch-shifting it, resulting in a smoother sound. The Bypass mode turns off the pitch-shifting altogether.

One of the most popular uses of Valhalla Shimmer is to create the classic "shimmer" sound that was popularized by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois in their ambient music productions. The shimmer sound is achieved by setting the shift value to +12 semitones and the feedback to 0.5 or greater. This creates a cascading effect of octave-up pitch-shifting that adds a heavenly quality to the reverb sound. Valhalla Shimmer can also create a variety of other sounds, such as spring-like reverbs, reverse reverbs, or glistening pitch-shifted pads that are usually associated with high-end hardware processors.

Valhalla Shimmer is a versatile and powerful reverb plugin that can create big and beautiful sounds with minimal CPU usage. It is suitable for any genre of music that requires lush and atmospheric reverb effects. Valhalla Shimmer is priced at $50 USD and can be purchased from [Valhalla DSP's website]. A demo version is also available for download.


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