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V-Ray 3.70.01 for Cinema 4D: The Ultimate Rendering Plugin for Cinema 4D Artists and Designers

we are sorry for the inconvenience. in the v-ray-cinema 4d release 3.70.01, we introduced a v-ray material library that comes with a set of default materials. you can open the material library via the material library tab located in the v-ray tab in the 3d viewport.

Vray 3.70.01 for Cinema 4D

dear customers,were very happy to announce that v-ray for cinema 4d has a new home with chaos group. the new official v-ray for cinema 4d product page at will be your new destination to learn about updates and see what new features are coming to v-ray for cinema 4d. in our forum, you can read more about the transition and how we think this is going to be great for the product and for customers

a new gpu-accelerated renderer for cinema 4d that was first announced at siggraph 2017. high-quality ray tracing in a non-destructive way. the render engine is based on nvidia's rt core and is available in two versions: for professional versions of cinema 4d and for cinema 4d version 17-19. it also includes the gpu-accelerated version of the renderer for cinema 4d version 21 and higher.

both the cpu and gpu versions of vray for cinema 4d 3.70.05 are now available. the latter is fully compatible with cinema 4d version 17.5.1-19. in addition to rendering cinema 4d scenes, vray for cinema 4d allows you to create hdr movies and to render your own custom scenes. the integrated ray tracing engine allows to model and render extreme light scattering for both indoor and outdoor environments. based on our vray for lightwave pro, we are now able to add ray tracing support to vray for cinema 4d.


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