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Subway Surfers Game Guardian APK: How to Perform Lightning Fast Swipe Acrobatics

Well @EmzMH using a file manager or Root Explorer go to the folder Android/data/com.kiloo.subwaysurf/files/profile and open the top_run.json file and find the line \"currentScore\":(your score) and change it to whatever you want. Save the file and maybe a backup file would also be created as top_run.bak, delete that and open your game, then see your top run score.

subway surfers game guardian apk

Certainly Subway Surf for Android, is the most popular and downloaded runner game in the Play Market. Throughout its history, the game has collected more than 100,000,000 downloads worldwide. Don't waste your time either. Want download subway surffor android? Then go ahead. Start your jouey right now!

According to the plot, you play the role of a young boy who runs away from the policeman in the subway, jumping from cars to cars and dodging oncoming trains. Your task is to collect coins during your run, which you can spend on buying new characters, new skateboards or increasing your ability levels. The game has colorful and lively HD graphics.P.S. There is also a version of Subway Surf for PC.


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