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Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018 v18.1.0.10155: A Powerful Web Design and Development Tool

in a bit of a welcome surprise, the month of may saw a raise in the number of vulnerabilities patched by microsoft, resulting in 62 total vulnerabilities to be patched. while this number is still far from the number patched at the same time last year (176), this is a good sign given that may is usually a quiet month.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018 v18.1.0.10155 Patch April Updated

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now that we have a look at some of the vulnerabilities patched, let us take a look at the relevance of each patch, and more importantly, the cost to patch. while there is no shortage of vulnerabilities patched by microsoft, as we mentioned above, these vulnerabilities are rarely exploited and are rather low on the magnitude of issue.

three of the vulnerabilities patched were rated as moderate, and as we saw above, all remain unpatched and open to exploitation. the cost to patch these and the other 60 vulnerabilities patched remain relatively small, generally coming in around $200 to $400 per vulnerability.

microsoft hotfix was released on 7/19/2021 to address an issue with netbios over tcp/ip (nbtt) protocol used in microsoft outlook. we reported on 6/27/2021 about how an attacker could remotely execute code via the netbios protocol. according to microsoft, this vulnerability (cve-2019-1136) exists in all modern releases of outlook, and to address the issue, microsoft issued a patch to correct the issue.

the first patch tuesday of 2021 brings 83 new microsoft vulnerabilities, including 10 critical updates. all critical cves are remote code execution (rce) bugs with the only exception being a memory corruption vulnerability. vulnerabilities of note include cve-2021-1647, a zero-day microsoft defender remote code execution vulnerability with exploitation detected in the wild. two important-rated vulnerabilities are deemed more likely to be exploited, these are cve-2021-1707 and -1709.


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