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Head First C Book Pdf Free Download

Severe head injury remains a leading cause of disability and death in young adults. Although we tend to concentrate on improving in-hospital treatment, it is important to realize that improving first aid and adequate transport to a recognized trauma center, with all facilities for CT-scanning and neurosurgical emergency services, is probably equally or even more important [1]. The first golden hour, so crucial in trauma care, does not start when the patient arrives at the hospital but begins at the place of the accident. The primary insult to the brain during trauma initiates a cascade of events leading to secondary brain damages [2, 3]. Cerebral ischemia is considered to be the central mechanism leading to secondary brain damages in patients with severe head injury. Cerebral ischemia is caused both by extracerebral factors (hypoxemia and hypotension) and general or regional changes in cerebral blood flow (CBF). Finally, preventing and treating ischemia as soon as possible after injury is the most important goal of trauma care in patients with head injury.

head first c book pdf free download


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