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VA - Now That\\'s What I Call Music Reggae (2012)

The Yearbook series are 4-CD and 3-LP vinyl sets, each representing a year of music, which launched in June 2021. Each release has a tie-in block of programming on Now 80s. Each release is issued as a limited edition mini-hardback book, with the CDs in sleeves forming the pages of the 'yearbook' which contains an introductory overview of the year, original 7" single artwork, trivia, chart positions and a quiz. The limited edition 3-LP version is released on bright coloured vinyl. A standard 4-CD version is also issued in a gatefold "wallet" design, which retails cheaper than the mini-hardback books. The first collection focuses on hits from 1983, the birth year of the Now That's What I Call Music series. The year 1984 followed, but after this, the series rewound its year of focus, issuing collections that went from 1982 and backwards into the late 1970s. A triple-CD only release, Yearbook Extra: The Collectors Edition, is issued a few weeks later; these include lesser known tracks and more songs by big artists included on the main album and they are released only in standard gatefold wallet packaging. A further release, The Final Chapter, a deluxe 4-CD and 3-LP set, was issued in December 2022, rounding off the Yearbook years 1980 to 1984. The same month, a deluxe 5-LP boxset, Now Yearbook '80 - '84: Vinyl Extra, was released. This was the first time tracks from the Extra CD series had been issued on the vinyl format.

VA - Now That\\'s What I Call Music Reggae (2012)

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Another strand of the Now Yearbook series, in August 2022, is the somewhat experimental release of two limited edition, extended play, 7" vinyl singles, each containing 4 tracks from the corresponding 1983 and 1984 Yearbook. This is the first time the Now That's What I Call Music brand has ever released music commercially on the 7" vinyl format.

The concept of the compilation Out of Many: 50 Years of Reggae Music is simple. 50 years ago, Jamaica won independence from the British-ruled West Indies Federation. Around that same time, popular music in Jamaica began solidifying into some of the many sounds we now think of as reggae. Out of Many tells those two stories in parallel, with one song selected to represent the sound of each year from 1962 to 2012.

There's a third story, too: that of VP Records, the label responsible for the compilation itself, and the family behind the label. The "V" and "P" in VP Records are Vincent and Patricia Chin, the Chinese-Jamaican owners of Randy's Records, a shop that opened in Kingston in 1961. Vincent also opened a recording studio called Studio 17 and produced many early ska and rocksteady songs. The family started VP in 1979 after moving to New York as a way of distributing popular Jamaican music to the United States. It's now the largest independent reggae label in the world.

From there, Out of Many follows the developing musical history of the island like a three-hour fireworks show: it moves from ska ("Malcolm X") to rocksteady ("Take It Easy") in the 1960s; lovers rock ("Everything I Own") and roots (the socio-economic warning shot "Fade Away" and the apocalyptic "Two Sevens Clash") in the '70s; the tightly-wound electronic riddims that arose in the '80s (a string of hits including "Under Me Sleng Teng" and "Rumours") and dancehall ("Who Am I" and "Get Busy") that has dominated since the '90s.

"Starting a reggae band was kind of our dream and the only thing we wanted to do, and then one day people started coming to the shows and we're not really sure what happened," lead singer Jacob Hemphill said in the band's acceptance speech, after thanking their early musical influences.

Formed in 1997, SOJA built up an international following thanks to "heavy touring and a series of independent releases," according to Allmusic, which laid the groundwork for their breakout album "Strength to Survive," released in 2012 and peaking at No. 1 on Billboard's reggae albums chart.

A symphony is a piece of music written for orchestra that typically has four movements. After each movement, there is a pause. Do you clap between movements? The common practice is that the audience refrains from clapping until all four movements are played. However, if you are moved after a particular movement and you need to express your enthusiasm, go ahead and clap. When in doubt, wait for the masses to start clapping.

The Music Director identifies a soloist that they want and with the soloist, they choose the music to be performed. Or the Music Director may want to perform a particular concerto on a concert. They would then find a soloist who is known for performing that piece.

Omari Imhotep Abdul-Alim is a classically trained violinist from the Seattle area currently offering music lessons and freelance performances around San Diego. He is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, having finished his masters degree at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music in violin performance in spring 2020. As an instructor, Omari uses his experience in classical music to build a fun and enriching curriculum for his students. Aside from his passion for education, Omari is a dedicated performer. He is resident violinist at First Lutheran Church of San Diego and in the last year has appeared as a guest artist with the Martin Luther King Choir, the Old Globe Theater, Synergy, NeoTuesdays and more.

Since he was the legendary wild man of the Kinks -- the man responsible for their proto-heavy metal guitars, the battling brother of Ray -- it's been easy to pigeonhole Dave Davies as just a hard rocker but anybody who paid close attention to his solo work would know that he has a spiritual, even mystical, dimension to his music which shines through clearly on this classic Dave Davies album.

"1976 was a great year for re-iteration of the Flying Burrito Brothers having the opportunity to travel throughout the USA celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the founding of the United States. Though Gram Parsons wasn't around anymore, Chris Hillman embarked on a solo career, and Chris Ethridge had just departed this band, we had some great guys that just happened to be real familiar with the 'Burrito' mentality. It all came together quite spectacularly! To begin, Gib Guilbeau was my life-long pal and Cajun guy par excellence. Gene Parsons, formerly of the Byrds, was he drummer from hell who lifted the excitement to the limit (and picked a great banjo and string bender guitar. What can I say about Joel Scott Hill? A rebel? A reverent fanatic? A soulful and emotional artist? ALL of the above! Then there is Skip Battin, who just joined the band whom everyone loved and called friend who provided very original bass and vocal support. All these cuts are genuine items from a live performance at New York City's legendary "Bottom Line" club with all the warts AND magical moments. No fix ups and no apologies. Just real music and true enthusiasm. This was the way it was when he hit the road in 1976!"- "Sneaky" Pete Kleinow, 2001

Havoc and Bright Lights marked a rebirth for Alanis Morissette, the first album she recorded as a newlywed mother. Delivered a full eight years later, Such Pretty Forks in the Road is the second act of the story, an album about learning how to find contentment at middle age. Morissette wrestles anxieties, origin stories, addictions, parenthood, and partnership throughout the record, searching for reasons and a diagnosis, achieving a sense of peace with having her sense of calm being disturbed on occasion. Appropriately for an album that's decidedly focused on an inward journey, Such Pretty Forks in the Road simmers, never boils. Hooks force themselves into the center stage on "Reasons I Drink" -- the rare tune here that could be called catchy -- but otherwise melody takes a back seat to mood. This doesn't necessarily mean Morissette's words are pushed into the spotlight. Such Pretty Forks in the Road is lacquered in immaculate gloss, a sound that accentuates the interior journey of the songs without quite inviting exploration. A close listen reveals all the troubles rolling around Morissette's mind, but the nice thing about Such Pretty Forks in the Road is how its smooth, placid surface makes the record feel like an album-length guided serenity meditation.Side A1. Smiling2. Ablaze3. Reasons I Drink4. Diagnosis5. Missing The Miracle6. Losing The Plot

Southern California has always been recognized for producing an incredible array of musical talent, and Pac Div has always been one of the better representations of that. The Div, their 2011 masterpiece and fan favorite, transports you to Southern California and its unique vibe for the entirety of the project. With feature from Casey Veggies, Asher Roth, Skeme and more, The Div truly has made itself a staple in the west coast rap discography. PostedUselessMove OneSheChaos (The Recipe)Life Is GoodHigh FiveTop DownNumber 1BrownPosted (Remix)Useless (Remix) Number 1 (Remix)

Trailer Bride's 1996 self-titled record is a long-lost relic of the blooming Chapel Hill, North Carolina music scene of the '90s. Superchunk, Polvo, Archers of Loaf and other indie rock darlings were leading the town's indie rock movement while Southern Culture on the Skids were pushing the alt-country genre forward. Then comes Trailer Bride who combined both of those worlds with a gothic, lo-fi sound that centers around Melissa Swingle's atmospheric vocals and cryptic lyrics. Swingle started Trailer Bride following the demise of her band Pussy Teeth and would later go on to form the indie rock duo The Moaners with Laura King (Bat Fangs, Speed Stick), but the dark, southern sound that defines Trailer Bride's debut record provides a mystifying listening experience a quarter-century later. No Depression said it best in their 1997 review: "They're impossible to describe, but whatever you wanna call it, they sound really good." The album is available for the first time ever on vinyl for Record Store Day Black Friday 2022. This 25th anniversary edition is pressed on cloudy orange vinyl and remastered for vinyl. Limited to 1,500 copies worldwide.


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